What is a Community Portal?

We are a digital gateway to the community that we live and work in. As a well-established and respected local media company, our goal is to leverage this to be the community’s primary digital resource for relevant local news information but also community connections. Focusing ​ on the community, its businesses and the people they interact with, Nexstar community portals offer the ability to expand the depth of content that we can deliver beyond our traditional TV Stations while developing great opportunities for our local businesses to connect with and have an impact upon our valuable local audience.

Nexstar Nation

Nexstar Broadcasting Group is a leading diversified media company that leverages localism to bring new services and value to consumers and advertisers through its traditional media, digital and mobile media platforms. Nexstar owns or provide services to 108 broadcast television stations and 57 community portal websites located in 56 markets in 18 states, reaching approximately 20.4 million television households, or approximately 18% of all USTVHH according to TVB. The Company’s community portal websites offer additional hyper-local content and a diversified portfolio of links customized to bridge specific consumers and advertisers with specialized needs.

Digital Strategy

Digital has become a persistent layer of our daily lives. Digital communications can and should flow both ways, from the advertiser, to the user and back again. In a world with so much information coming at us from any number of sources, MyCenTX is prepared to help you build a digital strategy that will connect you with the customers in our community utilizing our extensive selection of digital services and tools.
·         Ask the Expert -          Become the expert on your business category. -          Your Home Network, My Wellness Network, The Legal Network, Financial Network, MyCenTX Pros ·         Mobile Advertising -          Station mobile app, sponsorship ·         Weather -          Central Texas has many severe weather events including tornadic activity ·         Rich Media Advertising -          Animated, engaging ad units ·         Site Sponsorship -          Page ad units, page takeovers ·         Games & Contesting -          Sponsorship Positions ·         Video Advertising -          Pre-roll, companion banners to video content
·         Banner Link -          Rich Media Auto Ads.
·         Cell Journalist -          Sponsor User Generated Content
·         Digital Life -          Weekly generated content written on behalf of your business category
·         Email Marketing -          eMail blasts.
·         Sports -          Central Texas is home to many collegiate and pro sports fans